1st Grade


The first grade experience is a pivotal one in the development of the child.  A transition from the nurturing communal experience of kindergarten is beginning to unfold into a more traditional academic school experience.  It is here that the rhythms and habits of classroom life and work are established that form the foundation for all subsequent school learning. 



In grade one, the child leaves the dreamy mood of kindergarten and takes up a more traditional academic experience.  The children look to the teacher as their loving authority and experience oneness with their environment and their peers.  Fairy tales are shared in grade one, which convey in vivid oral pictures the basic archetypal dramas of the human experience.  Children tend to resonate deeply with each story because all is good in the end.  Oral storytelling provides a basis for teaching from year to year and helps children in creating an authentic and relevant connection to the curriculum.  This connection engages the children and allows them to create pictures in their imagination leading to a greater capacity for comprehension.  In grade one, students connect more deeply with the qualities and function of letters and numbers as the teacher brings them to life throughout many stories.  For example, a story of the mighty mountain will be told and the students will draw a mountain in the shape of an M, and they also will bring the quality of M to their movement and speech exercises: “The mighty, mighty men marched up the magic mountain.”  Multiple learning modalities are engaged, giving different kinds of learners routes to successful comprehension.  Students have the opportunity to work both independently and in groups.

Artwork by Christa Valdez, Mountain Song Community School




Nature stories and multicultural fairy tales, traditional and seasonal rhymes and verses


Written letters, grammar, and spelling from story to imagination

Reading predicated by recitation and writing, speech exercises, phonics, plays


Four math processes through story imagination and manipulatives, quality of numbers, counting, multiplication tables through rhythm and movement, mental math


Nature observation through stories, poetry and walks

Awareness and appreciation of plants, animals, and minerals


Simple form drawing based on straight and curved lines, wet-on- wet watercolor painting, modeling from beeswax


Finger knitting, making knitting needles, knitting with two needles


Imaginative games, jump rope, swinging, skipping, hopping, climbing, string play


Songs in pentatonic scale, seasonal songs on flute and singing.


Songs, games, poems and plays, cultural traditions, vocabulary and numbers.


Simple practical tasks and garden skills learned through imitation, developing awareness and respect for nature.

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