2021 Summer Camps

Mountain Song welcomes Summer 2021 with a variety of camp offerings created by our wonderful teachers for your wonderful children!

Participants MUST be currently enrolled student(s) or be enrolled for the 2021-22 school year with a confirmed New Student Enrollment Form on file with the school.  Camps are FREE of charge for participants. Be sure to update your emergency contact information with the front office! The deadline to register is June 10, 2021.

New Mountain Song Students (2021-22 School Year) 

If you have submitted all of your new student enrollment paperwork to Sarah Kreger, Director of School Performance, you are good to go! Please choose your classes below and register for summer camp now!

Returning Mountain Song Students

All returning families are welcome to join the Summer Camps based on the 2020-21 school year’s paperwork.  You also have the option to update and submit Fall Registration Forms (see list below) at the time that you register for each student’s summer camp online, and we will accept them as “early registration” for the 2021-22 school year!

Please choose your classes below and register for summer camp now!

List of Registration Forms Needed On File For Summer Camp:

  • Current Emergency Contact Form
  • Current Student Health Form and any medical plans (i.e., asthma, anaphylaxis, etc.)
  • Current Media Release Form
  • Current Immunization Records and/or Exemption on file in school office
  • IEPs or 504s on file in school office (if applicable)
  • Custody Documentation on file in school office (if applicable)

Lunch During Summer Camps

Campers are responsible for bringing their own sack lunch and/or snack.  Please pack lunch in an insulated container, as refrigeration will not be available.  

Please choose an area of interest below to search the dates each camp is offered.  Click the sign up link and fill in the form to register each student for summer camp.  If your desired camp is full, please note we have included a sign-up option to join our waiting list. We are looking forward to embracing summer with you!

Dates:  July 19-23 (9am-1pm)

Instructor: Ieeda Banach

Entering Grades: 1-4

Description: This course is for younger grade students to learn the basics of baking such as cakes, cookies and breads. We will be making lots of delicious things together and learning important skills and information about the art of baking along the way.

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/czjHGvp

Dates:  July 26-30 (9am-1pm)

Instructor: Ieeda Banach

Entering Grades: 5-8

Description: This course is for older grade students with some previous experience in baking. In this class we will explore baking more complex sweets and pastries.

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/tvCcxrx

Dates:  June 21-25 (10:30am-12:30pm)

Instructor: Jessica Knedler

Entering Grades: 5-8

Description: Campers will develop and improve ball handling, shooting and game-related skills.

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/xmhvLbV

Dates:  July 5-9 (11am-1pm)

Instructor: Eli Peake

Entering Grades: 6-8

Description: Campers will learn the fundamentals and strategies of playing chess. All levels of experience are welcome.

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/HaKOidY

Dates:  June 21-25 (8-10am)

Instructor: Jessica Knedler

Entering Grades: 5-8

Description: Campers will explore Chinese culture through food, dress, traditions and historical places.

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/jifUmBY

Dates:  July 5-9 (1:30-3:30pm)

Instructor: Eli Peake

Entering Grades: 6-8

Description: Come take part in an adventure in the classic tabletop role-playing game. Dungeon Master Mr. Peake will help campers create their own characters and lead them through battles, puzzles, and more!

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/wegEhBM

Dates:  August 2-6 (9am-1pm)

Instructor: Adam Wright

Entering Grades: 3-8

Description: Who’s hungry? Campers will use fresh ingredients from the school garden to cook their own lunch each day. Each day will focus on a different cuisine from around the world: Indian, Italian, Mexican, etc. Campers will focus on learning new cooking techniques, improving knife skills, etc. 

Note: Campers will need to specify allergies or dietary needs before camp

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/BoLrUEq

Dates:  July 12-16 (8am-12pm)

Instructors: Adam Wright; Matt Thomas

Entering Grades: 1-8

Description: If you like Ag Arts, you’ll love garden camp! We will spend time with our animals, harvest crops, and prepare snacks from the garden. Campers will also enjoy nature crafts, science experiments, garden games, and more!

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/dZmMonX


  • June 28-July 2 (12-4pm)
  • July 19-23 (12-4pm)

Instructor: Matt Thomas

Entering Grades: 1-8

Description: Did you know “LEGO” is an abbreviation of two Danish words, “leg” and “godt”, meaning “play well”? That is exactly what we will be doing in LEGO Camp! A lot of good ole fashion playing and creating. Join Mr. Thomas and learn some basic (and not so basic) building techniques, and take part in lots of building challenges. Each day will also include a little time to work on a group LEGO city, and parents will be welcome to come see the creations at pick up! Please leave your own sets and instructions at home- big imaginations welcome!

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/qjPtOxB


  • July 12-16  (9am-1pm)
  • August 2-6 (9am-1pm)

Instructors: Gina Budler

Entering Grades: K-1

Description: Campers will interact with the elements of nature and take part in crafting using natural materials. Parents will drop off/pick-up campers at Rock Ledge Ranch on Monday and Tuesday where campers will play in the meadow, walk among the trees and explore the creek. Circle time, games, singing, snacktime and storytime are all included. Parents will drop off/pick-up campers at school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday where campers will take part in crafts such as wet felting, sewing, finger knitting and outdoor play. 

Parents, please provide lunch with a little snack for your camper!

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/pBcHuQO


  • July 5-8   (9am-12pm)  NO CLASS ON FRIDAY
  • July 12-15  (9am-12pm) NO CLASS ON FRIDAY
  • July 19-22 (9am-12pm) NO CLASS ON FRIDAY
  • July 26-29  (9am-12pm) NO CLASS OF FRIDAY

Instructor: Leslie Conrad

Entering Grade: 4

Description: This camp is for students going from third into fourth grade who need a little “oomph” with their reading. We will do lots of reading and have fun along the way!

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/PJAwpZG


  • June 28-July 2  (9-11am)  – Entering Grades 2-3
  • June 28-July 2 (1-3pm) – Entering Grades 4-8
  • July 12-15 (1-3pm) – Entering Grades 2-8  NO CLASS ON FRIDAY THIS WEEK
  • August 2-6 (9-11am) – Entering Grades 2-3
  • August 2-6 (1-3pm) – Entering Grades 4-8

Instructor: Angie Strickler

Description: This camp is to help students build reading and math skills in a fun, interactive way.  This camp is recommended for students with an IEP or 504 or by referral from their classroom teacher.

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/fqkXGcR

Dates:  June 21-25 (8am-12pm)

Instructors: Adam Wright; Matt Thomas

Grades: Entering 5-8

Description: Do you have what it takes to survive a night in the wilderness? Well after this camp, your students will! At this camp students will learn all the survival basics; from finding water and edible plants, to making shelters and traps.

Sign Up Link: https://signup.com/go/BozeYsJ

Due to the overwhelming response to Summer Camp Registrations, we have created this additional sign-up as a Waiting List. Please go to sign-up and add your child, grade and the camp(s) you would like to be added to their Waiting List.  

Waiting list sign-up: https://signup.com/go/XxLcQYv

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