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     In addition to providing technical support, I’m available to help teachers come up with unique technology solutions for providing student accommodations, evaluating potential digital tools and making digital lessons more engaging. Please contact me if you have an idea that you need help putting into action. I’m happy to coordinate a time to help you find a solution.

     Below you’ll find quick video tutorials for apps in Google Workspace and more. Visit the Tech Help page to find tutorials for parents and students.

Dan Córdova wears many hats.

Google Classroom


NOTE: You will need to be logged into your Mountain Song account in the same browser in order to view the tutorial videos below.

Scheduling and Linking

This guide breaks down how each of the calendars are intended to be used and how we should be setting up Zoom sessions for the future. Questions regarding the calendars can be directed at myself or at Sarah Kreger.
Watch the video below to create a calendar event in the shared Zoom Class Meetings calendar from an existing Zoom meeting.
  1. Create or select a recurring meeting in Zoom using the Zoom website.
  2. Click the Add to Google Calendar button.
  3. If prompted, you’ll need to sign into your Mountain Song email and Allow Zoom to edit your calendar.
  4. Change the calendar from your name to the Zoom Class Meetings calendar.
  5. Click Save.
Use the video instructions to schedule appointments on the Google Calendar that use a single Zoom session link.  

Adding a zoom link to your web page is as simple as copying the meeting URL and adding a hyperlink to your page. To make this stand out to students and their parents, use a button element.

  1. Copy the JoinURL from your meeting in Zoom. Make sure you copy the entire link starting with “https://”.
  2. On your web page, drag a button element onto the spot you’d like on your page.
  3. Paste the copied URL into the Link field for your button element. You’ll see the field on the left side in the Elementor panel while you have your button selected.
  4. Customize your button to make it stand out as a clickable link by modifying the options in the Style tab. Click on Hover and adjust the button’s style so that it changes when a mouse hovers over it.

Are you looking for a simple way of sending emails out to parents without copying and pasting a list of contacts or searching your sent message for an email with the same list? Sara helped me create a tutorial in which we create a mailing list for her class parents.

Web Page Tutorials

Here’s a quick overview of how to post audio onto your web page.

  1. Place a Text Editor element onto your page.
  2. Erase the text.
  3. Click the Add Media button above the text box in the element settings menu on the left.
  4. Create an audio playlist.
    1. Click the Create Audio Playlist option.
    2. Click the Upload Files tab.
    3. Select the audio files saved on your computer and drag them into the upload window.
    4. Click the Create a New Playlist button.
    5. Arrange the files into the order you like.
    6. [Optionally] Deselect the Show Images option.
    7. Click the Insert Audio Playlist button.
  5. Click the UPDATE button to save your changes.

Amy was kind enough to share a video training on how to record a video on Zoom and upload it to YouTube.

Here’s a quick overview of how to post videos that you’ve uploaded to YouTube onto your web page.

  1. Open the video on YouTube.
  2. Copy the video’s URL.
    1. Click on the SHARE icon below the video.
    2. Click the COPY button.
  3. Add the video to your page.
    1. On your web page, select the area where you want the video to go.
    2. Drag a Video element into the space.
    3. Put your cursor in the Link field in the element settings on the left.
    4. Paste the URL into the box.
  4. Click the UPDATE button to save your changes.

Here’s a quick overview of how to post videos on your Google Drive and post them to your web page.

  1. Upload the video to your Google Drive Folder.
  2. Change the share settings on the video so that it can be viewed by others.
    1. Select the video file in your Google Drive by clicking on it once.
    2. Click on the Share icon on the top bar.
    3. Choose your sharing settings.
  3. Open the video in a new window.
    1. Double-click on the video file in the Google Drive.
    2. Click the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner.
    3. Select Open in a new window
  4. Copy the embed code.
    1. Click the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner.
    2. Select the Embed item… option.
    3. Copy the code in the pop-up window.
  5. Add the video to your page.
    1. On your web page, select the area where you want the video to go.
    2. Drag a Text-only box into the space.
    3. Select the Text tab next to the Visual tab in the settings menu on the right.
    4. Paste the code into the box.
  6. Click the UPDATE button to save your changes.

Quick Resources

The video below details how to setup your Student Engagement Assessment form and what to do if something is missing.

The next video is a recording in which I assisted a staff member with customizing the form for their purposes. This video provides a more in depth demonstration of how to use the Attendance key sheet to setup your form.

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