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Irish Blessings

100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School has become a popular milestone, and Mountain Song first grade classes celebrated this occasion on Wednesday, March 3rd by highlighting the number 100. They counted days on the calendar. They counted concrete objects such as beads, stones, and eggs. They jumped up and down 100 times. Such experiences help children think with numbers, develop number sense, and recognize place value as they write the numbers. Math is everywhere, and this celebration makes it fun and enjoyable.

Mountain Song students celebrated the 100th Day of School in other very creative ways. Some dressed up as 100 year-old people with silver hair and painted-on wrinkles. One student made a creative eyeglass case by sawing off the bottom part of a cane where the lenses popped out! Many students made necklaces with 100 beads. Some adorned hats with 100 buttons or arranged displays of 100 stickers. The showstopper? Loaves of bread made in the shape of 100! Way to celebrate the 100th day, Mountain Song!

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