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2022 - 2023 Meditation: The Space Between as a Source of Renewal

This year we are focused on a meditation for the year.  The idea is to use this thought as a lens to reflect on the myriad facets of our lives.  In doing so, we hope to foster a space for renewal, for care, and for smiles.   

Autumn Equinox - A Space Between

Overview of the Theme
August 18, 2022

Teresa Woods, Ph.D., Executive Director

Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf Schools, repeatedly referred to a quality of “3-foldness” in the world.  That is the state of any mediated polarity.  There is the duality, and also the mediating realm in which they relate.

Thinking – Feeling – Willing

Head – Heart – Limbs

I – Meeting – You

Waking – Dreaming – Sleeping

Past – Present – Future

Physical – Cultural – Spiritual

The Space Between is a phenomenon important in mindfulness practice, in biology, in physics, in counseling, in design, and in education, to name a few. Below are some guiding thoughts.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”  ~attributed to Viktor E. Frankl

“We face overwhelming problems that affect the entire global community; yet we are becoming increasingly alienated and at odds with each other.  It’s not simply that the country is divided; not just that people feel themselves on opposite sides of increasing problems; but also that the center has gone missing.  We now live in a gap of culture with opposing sides that appear to be entrenching ever more deeply. … Opposition and conflict can be productive, but only if there is a sense of underlying unity.  Where there is no cohering center, everything starts to make less and less sense. …

“We may each feel tiny, frail and insignificant in the face of overwhelming problems; yet we are each secretly woven to the center of the whole. … the thread to the center is the hidden cord of the heart, it is the thread of genius that can connect the mind with the heart, the thread that allows the mind to feel and reveals the hidden thought set within the heart.  It is both subtle and determined; it can be elusive; yet it is also indelible in us. …

“When the outer centers cannot hold, it becomes necessary to look inside for a deeper sense of centering and soulful presence.”

~Michael Meade

The Phenomenology of Betweenness: Encountering Nature's Wholeness

Staff Haikus

In August, just before school started and when the staff was preparing for school, Mr. Adam Wright led us through a creative writing exercise to help us meditate on the Space Between.  Below are the resulting Haikus.  You can see the first line.  Click to see the whole poem.  

Seeking balance here

Between connection and rest

Awake to the next

Gather together

Between summer and autumn

Sunshine in our smiles

We dance and we sing

Connection between our hearts

Brings us together

Between I and Thou

Something grows, germinating

What, then, will blossom?

Mountain storms arise

Earth connects, refreshed in cool

Rainbow afterglow

Finding a balance

Between life and work persists

Connection makes whole

Children need teaching

Connection is important

Share with them your love

Between stimulus

And response exists potent

Healing space to pause

Society swings

Like a pendulum, balanced–

This extreme, then that

Hands can never touch

Just infinitely approach

Yet connection forms

Breathing lies between

Our resting and our actions

In and out for life

Help! I have been stuck

Between a rock and hard place

Striving for balance

The space between is

Where balance clears cluttered minds

We breathe in and know

Seeking connection

Looking into who you are

Looking into me

The crazy of life

Requires a reaction

Finding my balance

Meet in the middle

Balance my home life with work

Fill with love and light

‘Tween hours of day

Strive the servers of the light

Building connections

Let us find balance

Come meet in the space between

Connect and be filled

Golden middle gleans

Deep connections with spirits

In the space between

Loving connection

Between myself and the world

Creates harmony

Seeking harmony

Torn between a fractured world

Pause, breathe, reflect, love

Between first grade year

Learning connection happens

Rhythm in balance

In between two poles,

There is sacred breathing space

Action – Reaction

The space between us

Possibilities arise

Connections are made

Middle school starts soon

Balance the classes today

Reflect tomorrow

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